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The Chocolate Mousse Bar

What do you get if you cross Patrice Chapon’s talents as an ice cream maker with his love of chocolate? The Chocolate Mousse Bar™! First developed for the Salon du Chocolat in 2006, the Chocolate Mousse Bar brings back all those childhood memories of pressing your nose against the window, staring open-mouthed at all the goodies on display.
Here the choice is not between vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, pistachio, lemon or chocolate praline but between five countries of origin: Ecuador, Venezuela and Madagascar or Equagha (a mixture of of Ecuador and Ghana).
The perfect chance to relive your childhood dreams, hopping from one delicacy to another, enjoying tiny spoonfuls of chocolate heaven.
75% Chocolate mousse from Madagascar

A fine chocolate with fruit plum and cherry flavours, plus a touch of almond and mint for a refreshing, slightly acidic taste.
Chocolate mousse from Ecuador

A mousse with a heady floral scent of rose petals and dried fruit.
Chocolate mousse from Venezuela
A beautiful mahogany colour, aromas of the undergrowth and autumn leaves, a melting texture, and the taste of berries and red fruits.
These three chocolate  mousses are made from 75% - 77% cocoa.

Chocolate mousse mix from Ecuador and Ghana

A mousse prepared with a chocolate made from 68% cocoa, both spicy and intense in flavor.
100 % Chocolate mousse from Venezuela  
This Venezuelan mousse has an intense powerful aroma of cocoa, with hints of dried fruits and wood, a touch of bitterness and an average acidity. 

And the new kid on the block, the chocolate mousse from Peru!  
This mousse has a powerful fragrance and a pleasantly sharp acidity. 
Its Peruvian origins give it fruity aromas, with floral hints, and a dash of honey and spices.
These mousses are sold to eat in or take away, in 150 g or 400 g jars but also in a 100 g paper cone so you can indulge on the spot ...

The COCOAS and BARS section features all our chocolate bars from the variety of origins we use to create these wonderful mousses.

And our Chocolate Mousse Bar now comes in the shape of a Chocolate Truck!

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