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The advice of Expert

Expert Tips

Chocolate is part of our culture and daily lives. France loves its chocolate, and its bars, ganaches and pralines have become world-famous. 

To best enjoy your chocolate, find a calm place, where there’s no noise and it’s neither too hot nor too cold. 

Begin by looking at the chocolate itself! Note the ebony colour of plain chocolate or the caramel tint of milk chocolate. Then bring it to within a few millimetres of your nose. Try to make out the perfume, breathe it in deeply, and then again. If you concentrate hard enough, you should be entranced you with by powerful aroma of cocoa and acidity, with just a hint of fresh leaves and forest undergrowth.
A good chocolate should bring your memories back to vivid life, while at the same time satisfying your high standards as a foodie. Be as demanding as you possibly can!
Bite into the first half of the chocolate and then think again about the shape, the fat, the salt, the sweetness. And what sort of sound did it make when you bit into it? Focus your mind on what you’re eating, let your thoughts wander as you chew, relive all those memories, take your time. 

Your tongue should feel a certain excitement as the taste hits your palate. This is a moment of great subtlety. Clear your mind of everything else. And then swallow the rest, making the experience and memory of the first mouthful all the more intense.
That’s right, you weren’t mistaken. The second mouthful should confirm your first impression and encourage you to move on to the next tasting. 

My advice is to take time out with 5 or 6 different chocolates and take another opportunity as soon as possible to try out the next selection, if there are any left!

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