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The curiosity shop

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Chapon’s fabulous chocolate curiosity shop in Chelles is a genuine treasure trove –  a time machine that takes you on a dreamlike journey through the history of chocolate, complete with a rich collection of archives, tools, boxes and old moulds. There’s even a chocolate dress
Cocoa roasting in the factory

It’s a taste sensation! The sweet and subtle aromas of caramelized dried fruit and cocoa waft through the Chapon chocolate factory, as traditional machines make music in the background. If you’ve ever longed to understand the magic of chocolate making, now’s the time to explore the amazing secrets of the factory. Just open the door and step into a fantasy world.

To arrange a visit to the factory, please contact us on 01 64 72 43 20 or send us an email at

The Chocolaterie CHAPON is also open for company visits!

Curiosity Shop 

Opening time of Curiosity Shop : from tuesday to finday, 1 PM to 6 PM and saturday 2 PM to 6 PM. 

To arrange a visit, please call us on 01 64 72 43 20 or email us at boutiquecuriosite@chocolat-chapon.com



CHAPON Chocolatier
2 rue de Valengelier
Phone: 01 64 72 43 20
Email : Boutiquecuriosite@chocolat-chapon.com